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Detail Packages for the Exterior

Exterior maintainance, complete exterior enhancement and paint reconditioning packages are available. 'Carbon Clean' was optimized for speed. 'Phoneix' is a complete maintainance package. And 'Apex' is a restorative/paint correction auto detailing package.

Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean Exterior Package

A good regular maintainance package. Consisting of a wash and wax, and exterior windows, the Carbon Clean package is often selected between larger detail packages.


Phoenix Exterior Package

The vehicle is washed. The tires, rims and trim are cleaned and dressed. Exterior glass is cleaned, and the paint receives a 1-stage polish & wax. Providing excellent colour enhancement and protection.


Apex Exterior Package

Best for faded or oxidized paint and shallow scratches. Often requested as a restoration package. Included services; wash, tires and rims, trim dressing, windows, and a 2 stage machine polish and wax.