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First time in 5 years. We accidentally set off the airbag light while detailing this 2015 VW Golf. What happened? Something in the seatbelt connection prevented the vehicle from detecting the seatbelt was connected. We used compressed air to clean out the buckle. Lights went off immediately. Followed up with the client next day... πŸ‘Œ If you ever have a vehicle detailed and this happens to you, contact the detailer first! This is a common issue. Detailers, how many times have you encountered this?


2015 Ford Focus with a soft, large dent through a body line. This is our first official paintless dent repair πŸ‘€. Utilising some custom PDR equipment this dent was pulled out 🀯. The repair result was approximately 95%. πŸ‘ After tapping down crowns, the first pull on top removed the largest dent area 🍰. This left 2 dents approximately 2.5" in diameter. One above the body line and one below the body line. The second and third pulls completed the process πŸ‘Œ. Finally a quick polish & wax to liven up the panel πŸ™Œ. This service is coming soon. As well as, a DIY YouTube video πŸŽ₯. If you are a PDR gal or guy, please, share your thoughts and/or tips. πŸ™


Finally decided to take a dent out of my bumper. Here's how. Boiled water poured over dent. Pushed out from the back (I just used the handle of a hammer here). Allow to cool before removing pressure. #DetailingEvolved #Detailing #dentremoval #backyardautobody #bumperrepair #paintlessdentrepair #nissanaltima


I decided to cleanup an old detailing cart I had in my backyard. Thought it would be a good time to show how to knock rust down to make it easier for sanding (and saving paper). Wheel cleaner and a drill brush. Radiance from @huttons_detail_products Original video = 5 minutes Thoughts? #DetailingEvolved #Detailing #detailcart #rust #rustremoval #wheelcleaner #detailproducts #thinkdifferent


Quick plastic dent fix. Going that extra mile πŸ‘. Couldn't get the plastic wheel well covers off. The bolts wouldn't turn... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Found a service hole of some sort where I used a socket wrench to gently push outward. Meanwhile my other hand was pouring boiling water over the other side. Approximate time to fix... 5 minutes to watch the water boil, 1 minute to pour, push and hold until cooled. We are considering considering offering paintless dent repair as one of our regular services. #DetailingEvolved #dentrepair #paintlessdentrepair #infinitifx35 #milton #ontario


A 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. In for some much needed paint care. Heavy scratches, tree sap and other paint issues. No clear coat on the roof. #DetailingEvolved #Detailing #paintcorrection #polish #wax #rotarypolishing #dapolishing #ford #crownvictoria #fordcrownvictoria #policeinterceptor #policehistory #milton #ontario


A few more before and after shots, and a few final polish shots. Post 2/2 #DetailingEvolved #Detailing #paintcorrection #rotary #polishing #waxing #usedautosales #dodge #grandcaravan #cambridge @cambridgeautosource


Check out the insane "quick" cleanup on this van. Rocking the rotary today πŸ’ͺ. Heavy scratching on all panels 😲. So many scratches that Instagram won't let me post all the pics in one go πŸ˜†. Post 1/2 #DetailingEvolved #Detailing #paintcorrection #rotary #polishing #waxing #usedautosales #dodge #grandcaravan #cambridge


Removing scratches from windows? Certainly possible. Cerium oxide is typically utilised for heavily polishing glass. It is a powder. Looks like dirt. Mixes with water. πŸ‘ Here a roof shingle blew off a nearby house during a severe windstorm. The shingle went across my nephew's car, stone side first. The driver's side door and window were severely scratched. The window scratches were deep. Rotary polished with a foam cutting pad and cerium oxide. This process took hours, but the results were great. Feel free to leave any questions or comments! #DetailingEvolved #Detailing #windowpolish #cerium #ceriumoxide #rotarypolishing @ferdi.baba


Evolution Automotive Detailing

This video is not for the squeemish. This was for a client that had visited me for a full interior a few weeks before this. I'm doing them a solid. Here we have a rodent that managed to find its way inside the vehicle. Entry point is undetermined. Nothing was found inside that would attract a mouse. Cause of death? I suspect foul play. I'm guessing (when the client left the door open), a cat got in and killed it. Just speculation based on its location. It wasn't trapped or held where it was. Removal, disinfection, steam cleaning, vent system steaming, cabin air filter change. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ Informed client to notify me if any odour returns over the next couple of days. Thanks to this task I have some valuable information for future r&d here at Evolution Automotive Detailing! #DetailingEvolved #detailing #detailersoffacebook #EvolvedClientCare #clientcare #rodentremoval #decontamination #steam #gross #researchanddevelopment #toyota #rav4

Client showed an interest in detailing. I shot this video to show him how extreme his interior was. At a glance his vehicle appeared quite clean, and it was. But the salt levels were off the charts! This resulted in an interior/exterior detail of 9 hours to well over 15 hours. To top it all off, I'm very satisfied with the difference, yet disappointed in the overall result. Finally, as a request to any detailers that may see this, how do you handle salt like this? πŸ§‚πŸ§‚πŸ§‚ #DetailingEvolved #detailing #miltonontario #reconditioning #saltremoval

This is the first time my all purpose cleaner did NOT come through for me. Very rare. Luckily some homemade coconut soap knocked this one out. I'm thinking rust. Underground fire suppression system went off while parked with the windows down.🚣🚣🚣

One of my more common types of clients. Expecting mothers🀰. Odours are not your friend🀒. A recently purchased used vehicle. Nothing too crazy here. We focused on bringing the vinyl back to a respectable cleanliness and sheen, as well as odour elimination via complete shampoo. πŸ‘ƒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Œ #DetailingEvolved #detailing #miltonontario #momcar #interiordetail #odourfree #toyotarav4 @ Evolution Automotive Detailing

Detailing is in our blood! Brought the niece to work today. Check out the great job she did. 1-stage polish and wax, minor paint correction. #DetailingEvolved #detailing #georgetown #landrover #rangerover #polishandwax

The Exxtreme Bad Olds (Oldsmobile). The name says it all. Vehicle last appraised at... $168k?! The rims on this beast left a mesmerising dazzle pattern on the ground when lit. Lighting was unfortunate here. Sorry for the photo quality, I'll see if I can find a couple of pics from the recent Waterloo Graffiti Highwaymen Car Show πŸ˜‰ #DetailingEvolved #detailing #guelph #oldsmobile #hurstolds #polishing @ Guelph, Ontario

New tools are arriving at Evolution Automotive Detailing! Stay tuned to see what we have planned for this UV light and TDS meter. #DetailingEvolved #detailing #milton #ontario

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