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Detailing Packages for the Interior

We offer a range of interior detailing packages from basic cleaning to complete reconditioning. Created around 3 common customers, the budget/time package, the maintainance package, and the restoration detail package. We have something for everyone.

Fossil Duster

Fossil Duster Interior Package

A barebones detailing package. Loose debris is removed via vacuum. Interior windows and hard surfaces are cleaned an air freshener or deodorising is applied.

Odour Extinction

Odour Extinction Interior Package

Our most requested package. Ideal for vehicles with fabric stains and odours. The vehicle is thoroughly vacuumed. All leather, plastic and vinyl is cleaned and dressed. Fabrics are shampooed. Windows are cleaned and deodorising applied.


Apex Interior Package

A complete interior detail including preventative maintainance. Everything inside is cleaned from top to bottom. Hard surfaces and leather are dressed. Fabrics are shampooed and protected. Deodorising is included.