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Exterior Auto Detailing Services

Maintain your paint. Correct paint issues. Enhance paint/trim contrast. Whatever your exterior detailing needs, we can help. Car, truck or suv, We can accomodate all makes and models.

Quick Detail

Quick Detail Service

This service is useful for touchups. Vehicles with mud or salt on the paint are excluded to prevent damage.

Wash & Wax

Wash Service

A simple wash and wax. The car, truck or SUV is rinsed and then hand washed with wax infused soap before being rinsed and dried.

Wash & Hand/Machine Wax

Wax Service

After washing, this service may be applied by hand or machine and application is determined at our discretion. Wax provides protection from the elements and enhances colour vibrancy by reducing scratch visibility.

1-Stage Polish & Wax

1-Stage Polish & Wax

After wash, a mild polishing compound and wax in a single stage is applied to all paint work. This is recommended once or twice per year.

2-Stage Polish & Wax

Paint Polishing

Used to remove fine scratches and enhance paint colour, polish is recommended for vehicles that have been neglected. Wax of some form is required when bundling to ensure protection.

3-Stage Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint correction is not recommended as part of a maintainance package. Instead, it is recommended this service be used once or twice as a restorative process with regular follow up protective maintainance.

Clay Bar

Clay Bar Service

Clay bar is used to remove the most stubborn embedded debris in automotive paint. Clay bar can be used to remove paint overspray, polyurethane insulation overspray and pollutants from the air.

Tires & Rims

Tire Dressing and Rim Cleaning

Most rims are cleaned with an organic salt. Tires are cleaned with an all purpose cleaner. The tires are then dressed to provide a clean, deep black lustre.

Trim Dressing

Trim Dressing Service

This dressing covers areas like black plastic mud guards, black trim around bumpers and black plastic door guards.

Exterior Windows

Window Cleaning

All exterior glass surfaces are cleaned with professional products to ensure a streak free clean. This includes exterior mirrors and sunroofs.