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Interior Auto Detailing Services

Our interior options target issues such as salt stains, nicotine stains and odours. Preventative maintainance available for fabrics, leathers and vinyls. Our interior car detail services are second to none.


Headliner Cleaning

The headliner is inspected prior to cleaning to ensure no damage will occur. We use foaming cleansers and brushes to agitate any stains. A horse hair vacuum attachment is used to safely remove lifted stains.


Vacuum Service

All fabrics are vacuumed from front to back, including trunk, seats and mats. Bulk pet hair is removed with this service. A variety of plastic attachments are used to ensure we can reach everywhere possible.

Panel Cleaning

Panel Cleaning

Leathers, plastics and vinyls are all cleaned with a professional all purpose degreaser. Console, glove compartment and other areas are cleaned. Please consolidate personal belongings where possible.


Shampoo Service

Fabric materials receive shampoo to remove salt stains, organic matter, nicotine and much more. Headliner service is recommended when persistent odour is present. *Vacuum required.

Interior Windows

Window Cleaning

Inside glass surfaces are cleaned with, a professional, alcohol based cleaner. Vinyl surfaces can emit gasses when hot, so it is recommended to have your windshield cleaned regularly.


Interior Dressing

Dressing provides protection from stains and spills. It also has anti-static properties. This dressing is applied to all leather, plastic and vinyl, and emparts a deep shine on black surfaces.

Fabric Guard

Fabric Guard Service

Preventative maintainance. Fabric guard ensures that future spills and stains do not set into the fabric. All fabric areas are treated except the headliner.

Air Freshener or Deodorising

Air Freshener or Deodorising Service

This service may be applied alone as an installed air freshener, alone as a fabric deodorising spray, or within the shampoo service.